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What makes Minerals And More totally unique is our unprecedented access to the highest-quality healing crystals and semi-precious gemstones, which we pass along to you.

We preserve the choicest minerals we have for your examination and shopping pleasure, then we make them available at the best prices possible.

“Simply put, we have a passion for matchmaking”

That means we want to help you expand your collection of healing stones and crystals for protection, or even just beautiful gemstones and central home décor pieces. Whatever you’re searching for, we’ve got the stone in store for you.

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Entertainment Plus Crystals

Introducing The New Minerals And More Live Stream

Calling All Mineral Monsters!

If you’ve been with us for a while now, you already know about our immensely popular live streams where we present exclusive healing crystals for protection and healing stones, and beautiful crystals for your home… All at jaw-dropping prices!

Often, we simply give away crystals for free on our live crystal sale because that’s how much we love our Mineral Monsters.

But there have been some gremlins in the past. And no, we don’t mean those little imaginary monsters. We mean technical difficulties with the chat, with claiming crystals you want to buy…

A Smooth, Seamless Streaming Experience

Our new streaming platform is fast, easy, looks great, and most importantly all of those technical difficulties we were having with Instagram are now GONE!

That means when you press the “Claim” button, you won’t have to worry about anyone else claiming YOUR new dream stone – it’s yours as soon as you push the button. Our new technology lets us know instantly that someone has claimed what we’re presenting, and we’ll reserve it for you immediately.

This is a major upgrade to easily one of the best parts of our community already, so you’ll want to join right away. Don’t miss a single episode!

click to join!

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Our Mineral Monsters

What people say

"I have been a customer of the minerals.and.more nearly a year. In this time they have have consistently surpassed my expectations in quality and customer service. In my time shopping with them, Vanessa and Justin have always gone the extra mile to make sure my experience one of a kind. Let's not forget Blake, the seldom seen but ever present organizer and shipping specialist. Not once have I had a damaged piece and that is due to the attention to detail Blake puts into wrapping and shipping. My home now boasts a large selection of treasures and look forward to many more."

-Jason C.

"A complete experience from claim to delivery, Minerals and More is changing the crystal game. Surrounded by the supportive community they've built, you'll leave with more than just rocks. With their friendly customer service, fast shipping, and phenomenal pieces
you won't want to shop anywhere else!

Cyndi S.

Not sure how I found Minerals & More on Instagram but boy did the universe align for me. In a time of my life that I was needing good energy and vibes, I suddenly gained this amazing company as my crystal dealer, a fun way to spend my Saturday nights that live sales always felt like hanging out with friends. They always made each time so much fun with new incentives and giveaways. They work with your budget and allow ways for you to get what your heart needs and the packaging is like Christmas upon every arrival. The pieces are top quality and very reasonably priced. They are even better in person and I’ve never been disappointed. My house is now full of the most amazing crystals and I love buying them as gifts. The team has treated me more like a friend than a customer and I couldn’t rave about them more. I can’t wait to see their new shop because nothing they do is less than phenomenal. 💎

Christine Muir