How do I pay for my Invoice?

You will find your claims under the “Claims” Page in your own personal listing. It will either have your Name or your Instagram Name. *Must pay within 48 Hours once the listing is up. After the 48 Hours is up, your items are forfeited and won’t be able to participate in future Live Sales.

Claims Page

Why don’t I see the shipping included in the listing?

Once your listing is added to the cart, you can start the checkout process. Once you are on the shipping checkout, you have 2 options.

  • Open Box 
  • Shipping Rates

*Note: Open Box Option is the Primary Option by default for shipping. If you want to ship, please choose the Economy shipping.

Do we receive any perks?

Every Order Will receive a free gift! Our boxes are magical, and we want everyone to feel the full effect with their magnificent crystals!

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