Open Boxes

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What is open box ordering?

Open box is a free service we provide which allows you to purchase as many items until your products fills your desired box size or when you would like to ship. We use UPS Flat Rate Shipping to deliver your product at the lowest possible rate. This minimize s your shipping costs.

How do I request an Open Box?

As you are checking out, shipping is automatically default to 'Open Box'.  Then you can decide whether you would like to (1) Select Open Box or (2) Select Economy Shipping to have it shipped out. We will be notified that you would like to keep an open Box and keep it until you are ready to ship.

Note: Minerals and More Makes every effort to maximize the space within your shipping box. Rocks, Crystals, and Minerals come in various shapes and sizes. All Precautions are taken to ensure successful delivery at the best cost for our customers.

How do I add to an Open Box? 

With future orders you will have with your listing, and you can just continue to click “Open Box” as a shipping Option.

How do I Ship my Open Box?

To ship your Open Box, you will need to go to your Account Page, Click My Orders, and you will have an option on a button that says, “Ship Open Box.”

NOTE: This is to ship off your specific order! Please make sure that if you want to ship out all your open boxes, to click this button for all orders. We will receive an email letting us know which orders you will like us to ship and which to keep.

How do I pay for shipping on my Open Box?

Once we receive your request to ship your Open Box, we will create another claim listing for Shipping. We will email you back within 24-48 Hours with a Link to your updated shipping listing. Once paid, we will ship your box.

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