The World’s Most Inspiring Stones… 

Years ago, before we opened Minerals and More, we were nothing more than two people (Justin and Vanessa) who fell in love with the beauty and magic of healing crystals. 

Since then, we’ve decided to share our love with each other and with the world – by becoming the #1 supplier of great-priced, beautiful dream stones. We always joke: “If you can’t get your dream stone from your man, then you can get one from us!” 

…Each Finding Their Perfect New Home


Deep down, every day we still feel incredibly lucky just to work with the healing stones and crystals for protection that have added so much to our own lives over the years – only now we help those stones find new homes with our favorite people in the world – our amazing customers, who we affectionately call “Mineral Monsters” (maybe you’re one of them!) 

And our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the right crystals to find their new owners by offering the best valued crystals for sale at amazing prices, and even giving away free stones during our live streams.

If you’re still looking for that one magic rock that will change your life, then keep coming back! Because we know your dream crystal will “wink at you” (in a shimmering way) someday soon!

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