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How do I claim items on your Live Sales?

To participate and claim items on the Live Sale/ Shop you must create an account first. This account will show your current/ past orders, track your shipments, and handle your open boxes. Afterwards, you can join our Live Sales under our "Live Sales" Tab at the top of the page. 

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What are the rules for your Live Sales?

When it comes to claiming pieces on the Live Sale, please be 100% sure of the pieces you claim. We have an all or nothing rule when it comes to putting things back on the shelves. Meaning you’ll have to continue with the full payment of all the items claimed or we have to put your entire order back on the shelves and you won’t be able to claim in future Live Streams.

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Note* There will always be a help icon during the stream in case you need a quick answer on a common question

Instagram Live Sales

As of May 1st 2021, If you happened to claim during one of our Instagram Live Sales, you will find your claims on the “Claims” page. Find your name and then proceed with the checkout.

Note* Please allow up to 48 hours for your claims to be updated. If there is an error in your claim please contact us either through our Contact Page or DM us on Instagram for a quick response. Instagram: @Minerals.And.More

Claiming on Instagram works a little differently than our website. In order to claim on Instagram you’ll have to type “Sold+$Amount.”

Instagram Page
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