The Quartz group of crystals in huge, and the Master of them all is the humble looking Clear Quartz.
Metaphysical Properties
It is the most powerful healing crystal on the planet. It is also the best amplifier in the mineral and crystal world. Place Clear Quartz next to any other stone and it will enhance its properties. Hold a piece in your hand and you will double the force of your bio magnetic energy field.
Spiritual Healing
Clear Quartz raises your spiritual vibration to its highest possible level. It connects you to Spirit and allows you to access Divine wisdom. Quartz has the ability to dissolve karmic residue from your past lives and the lives of your ancestors, clearing and cleansing negative vibrations from your energy field.
Tips: Clear Quartz has the unique quality of tuning in to every individual and situation and bringing in the necessary energies to heal whatever is in need of healing.

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