The Power of Crystal Healing

You have been gifted or have purchased a beautiful crystal, but what now?

Crystals and their healing properties have been utilized for thousands of years as an ancient form of medicine. Over the decades, crystal popularity has soared. There are still many people who believe that there is insufficient scientific evidence that proves their healing abilities. The problem with this is people don't give crystal healing a chance. They have not tapped into the power of thought and create a negative outcome before exploring the practice.

The placebo effect is a genuine concept that is heavily supported by research. Positive thinking has shown extraordinary health outcomes in patients who are going through different treatments. Instead of waiting for crystals to change your beliefs, change your thoughts before tapping into their powers.

Crystals are brilliant to cleanse your space, but enhancing your relationship with crystals can genuinely shift your life. There are hundreds of different types of crystals, and they all hold their own unique healing abilities for mind, body, and soul. Crystals can remove negative energy and promote the flow of energy, but only if you are open to reap the benefits emotionally and physically.

At the core of enhancing your relationship with crystals is intention. Prior to selecting a crystal, what is it that you want to achieve? After studying various crystal healing abilities, determine which is best for you, which will help you establish a great relationship. Alternatively, you could trust your intuition and let you crystal choose you.

Before you begin to tap into the healing powers of crystals, there are two essential steps.

Select your crystals with intent or intuition

After uncovering what it is that you want to achieve, it's time to select your crystal. You may want to know what exact healing abilities your crystal holds, or you may want to choose a crystal by feeling a connection with it intuitively.

Program and cleanse your crystal

It is necessary to cleanse your crystals from any previous energy. Every transition exposes the crystals to energies that aren't aligned with your own. You want to help your crystals restore to their natural state, and there are many practices you can do to achieve this. You could cleanse your crystals with a full moon ritual cleanse or by smudging with a sage smudge stick or even saltwater for certain crystals.

It's now time to set intentions with the crystals, and you can do this by firstly clearing your mind from negativity. Take a moment and feel the power of the crystal while putting the focus on your intention. Do what feels right for you; you could envision the outcomes you wish to manifest or repeat positive affirmations. Sit in this moment until you are ready to move on.

These steps are so necessary before beginning your crystal healing practices. Once you have completed these, it's time to let your crystals work their beautiful magic.


Healing Practices can include:

· Holding crystals close for protection

· Using them for energy healing - Reiki

· Crystals grids

· Meditation

· Having them placed on your yoga mat


Now that you have required the knowledge don't forget about your crystals. Keep your crystals close and incorporate them into your daily routine. Remind yourself; if a placebo works, a placebo works.

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