Manifesting With Affirmations

Manifestation is shifting your thoughts and attracting tangible things you desire into your life. It requires changes to your behaviors, emotions and beliefs. There's no doubt about it; your belief changes everything.

When seeking change to your physical experience in this life, it is imperial to go within. With the power of thought, you can change your experiences, circumstances and reality.

When you master rewiring your subconscious thoughts, you can attract love, peace and prosperity in abundance. Begin by making changes internally, and you can unquestionably change your life. But how do you precisely do that?

Manifesting begins once you train your internal monologue, that little voice inside your head, to be optimistic and positive. When you do experience negativity, don't be discouraged from using authoritative self-talk. Keep in mind that the energy you put out into the Universe is what you will receive in return.

A successful approach to changing your thoughts is by incorporating positive affirmations into your daily life. Affirmations are positive statements of phrases to shift your perception from negative to positive. When you repeat affirmations and use positive language, it directly affects your subconscious.

People over-complicate things - thoughts and beliefs come first, and your physical reality manifests after. For people who find themselves frequently partaking in negative self-talk, affirmations can combat subconscious patterns. Manifesting with affirmations is changing your language from "I want" or "I hope" to "I will."

Examples of positive affirmations are:


· I capable of achieving my dreams

· I attract excellent opportunities into my life

· I leave the past behind

· I accept who I am at this current moment

· I love my body as it carries me

· I am worthy of love

· I am a beautiful being

· I am intelligent and continue to learn

· I am growing as a person every single day


Applying it to your life

· Compile affirmations that resonate with you. You can search affirmations online and only write down the ones that mean something to you.

· Repeat the most valuable affirmations in the mirror every day, keep them on your desk, journal them at night. Consistency is key!

· Each time you hear the little voice inside your head say negative comments, authoritatively say to yourself, "I will not allow myself to think that way."

· Make a very conscious effort to only surround yourself with like-minded people that raise your vibration now lower it. This is a significant factor in achieving your desires.

· Continue to remind yourself of your goals and keep them at the forefront of your mind. An excellent way to do this is by creating a vision board or journaling each day.


Manifestation is indeed a powerful and life-changing practice. When you attract only positive outcomes in your life, you have absolutely nothing to lose—best of luck at changing your thoughts to manifest the life you wish you to live. The only thing ever stopping you is you!

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