Connecting to Yin (feminine) energy

You might be familiar with yin yang with the Chinese symbol with Yin on the black side with a small white dot and yang on the white side with a small black dot.

The Chinese philosophy represents the complementary gender opposites, but it also signifies a little bit of bad in all good and vice versa. Yin is the feminine energy in life, while yang is described as masculine energy. They simply don't exist without one another, and everything in the Universe consists of two factors.

What is yin energy?

Whether we are female or male, we all have feminine qualities. Feminine qualities are often associated with Mother Earth; nurturing, grounding, compassionate and intuitive. Our deep energy source often pulls down and inwards, encouraging us to support one another by collaborating, slowing down, and exploring our deepest shadows, enabling us to rest and rejuvenate.

Females in touch with their yin energy have a deep knowing, also described as "trusting your gut," which is a strong intuition and shouldn't be ignored. Over many years females are no longer as in touch with their inner knowing, as society has contributed to the distractions that impact the connection with yin energy.

Interestingly enough, last year, while the collective experienced the Covid pandemic, we experienced Yin energy qualities. We were having to stay home, forced to slow and go inwards, reflecting on the changes we need to make individually and as a community. Without consciously being aware, this significant shift may have been what we needed to rebuild and heal in a society that promotes masculine energies.

When our feminine energy is not balanced and centered, we will endure adverse effects, which I am sure you might have experienced before. When we are stressed and overworked, we become anxious, unable to relax, and highly fatigued. There's a significant connection between neglecting your Yin energies and ignoring messages from your body to slow down. You will find it very difficult to concentrate with an empty Yin, leaving you feeling weak with poor digestion.

It is essential to nourish our Yin energy within a society that primarily promotes never-ending accomplishments and hard work. ITs time to tap into our inner wisdom and practice traditional feminine behaviors that our ancestors did for so long.


Five ways to nourish & connect to feminine nature

· Releasing energy with movement or reiki

We often hold so much tension within our bodies from past trauma and stress. It's so imperative to release these negative energies from movement, dance, or reiki healing.

· Journaling and reflecting

Journaling is fantastic for reflection by digging deep and exploring our thoughts and feelings of our subconscious mind. Uncovering our barriers and fears allows us to move steadily forward.

· Exploring your creativity

By letting our creative juices flow, we feed our inspiration and soul. Let go of all expectations and paint, cook, write and remember; boredom leads to creativity. Don't avoid boredom as the result of it is worthwhile.

· Meaningful conversations

Connecting with like-minded people raises your vibe and allows you to talk about dreams and aspirations. When you let things off your chest in conversation, it will enable you to leave things in the past and focus on the future.

· Spontaneity

Making absolutely no plans and going with the flow - when was the last time you allowed yourself not to plan out your day? Sometimes all that your soul is craving is spontaneously all doing what's suitable for you in that exact moment.

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